International Driving License Bangladesh

Things To Know About International Driving License Bangladesh

The term International Driving License Bangladesh is kind of the wrong term. There is nothing like international license in Bangladesh rather you will get an international driving permit. When you are traveling to other countries or even when you intend to migrate, you may need to drive motor vehicles there. But most of the lands do not provide national driving license to its immigrants. Thus to drive in foreign lands you must get an international driving permit.

Basically, the international driving permit has nothing to do with BRTA as the Automobile Association of Bangladesh issues international driving license. But to get one you have to go through some really complicated processes.

Significance of International Driving license BD

Every landscape has its own rules and regulations, foreign lands are no exceptions. When you decide to drive there you must follow their rules regarding driving. And International driving permit is the most important base of the driving rules. Check out why one must get an International driving license to drive overseas:

  • To be legally correct. When you drive in other lands (even in your homeland), you must abide by all the rules. Driving license is the first prerequisite of any driving and traffic knowledge. Thus you cannot deny an International driving permit.
  • To be free from penalties. Well, just like Bangladesh other countries also have strict rules regarding the driving license. If you get caught in absence of having a driving license while driving, it will surely cost you a lot. Moreover, countries like Japan, USA and in some regions of Europe enforces severe laws regarding the driving license.
  • To be secured within. The driving license gives you a sense of security and positivity. Driving has a big deal with your inner calmness. The calmer you will be, the more you can focus on the road. Thus having a driving license can actually ensure safe driving by making you calm and steady.

Procedures for Obtaining International Driving License

The process is quite lengthy and complicated. Thus before being into the process the applicant must get proper about the whole procedure. One must consult with someone who has successfully received any international driving license.

  • To apply you must have BRTA license or Driving License BD. To obtain a national driving license you have to go for 3 stages of tests. Once you get national driving license, only then you will be eligible to apply for the international one.
  • Now the process follows with collecting an application form from your respective authority. Once you get the form, you must fill the form correctly.
  • With the form, the applicant must attach certain documents including the Driving License Bangladesh.
  • Then you may submit the form and wait for your international driving license.


  • To get an international driving license you must be of 18 years old.
  • The license has one year value. After the expiry you cannot renew the license, you have to issue it again.
  • It takes more or less 4 months to issue an international driving license.