Auto Car Driving School In Dhaka

Basics of Auto Car Driving School in Dhaka

Automatic cars are the new age sensation in Bangladesh. Basically, the exclusive features are extremely suitable for busy city dwellers. With an automatic car, there is no clutch pedal and the gear is automatic. As a result, a multi-tasking person can immensely be attracted to this piece. Moreover, for people who have to drive in busy traffics auto gear is the best option. That is why the number of automatic cars on the roads of Dhaka city is ever on the rise. Automatic cars demand easier driving training than that of the manual ones. There are several Auto Car Driving School in Dhaka but you must find a suitable one.

About Automatic Car Driving School in Dhaka

Perhaps automatic cars hit the first position in the preferred list of most of the city dwellers but auto car driving training is not that much available in the city. Yet you may find some of the training institutes but there are chances to face disappointments. Automatic cars are more demanding when you handle them than manual cars. Though the learning process is pretty easy the trainer must have proper knowledge about the beyond stereotype car.

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Courses of Auto Car Driving School in Dhaka

The course plan is more or less the same in all the driving schools; you may find some variations in schedule and pricing. You should get a proper idea about the courses and what the courses before you enroll yourself to any of these.

The basic course plans are:

Safety Courses to Ensure Driver Safety First

Safety courses are mostly to focus on driver safety. In this course, the trainee will get to know about parking and traffic safety, basic knowledge on the parts of a car, the habit of using seat belts every time and so on. It also lets the drivers analyze the roads and the driving risks on bad conditions. This basic curse will ensure you drive safely every time you are driving.

Defensive Driving Course

This course is again a pre-course the before the main course comes your way. This course is very much important for accident-prone cities like Dhaka. In Dhaka, every vehicle is in rush thus the collision is surprisingly high. Moreover, you cannot avoid collision just by being aware yourself. You must be defensive while driving being aware of others’ reckless driving. This course will teach you some basic techniques to protect yourself during driving.

The Main Driving Course

This course again consists of three different stages and they are; the beginner course, the mid-level, and the advanced level course. In this course you will get the proper training both theoretical and practical to pass your BRTA license examination. To mention, BRTA license course demands proper knowledge to pass. Thus the main course will surely train you with the traffic laws, basic of driving and advanced level of driving as well.

To Wrap Up

To find out the best deal to your any driving training need, contact us. We provide the best manpower to train you for any vehicles you desire. We are the best Car Driving School in Dhaka bring the best deals on an affordable course fee.