Manual Car Driving School In Dhaka

Get the best Options of Manual Car Driving School in Dhaka

Manual car driving takes on a great toll over your driving skill. The process of learning also takes more time due to the complex functions of a manual car. The driver needs to be immensely attentive and focused to drive safe. Thus most of the Manual Car Driving School in Dhaka offers some prolonged courses on manual car driving. Where automatic cars and other motor vehicles can be driven with a short period of courses, the manual car driving demands an intense course. In manual car driving there is lot more happening including the brake, gear, indicator switch, steering, pedals, and clutch? The driver has to concentrate on different parts at a time. To get training in a manual car, never compromise on the school quality, be sure of the qualifications and capabilities of the trainer.

Why Is Manual Car Training Mandatory In Bangladesh?

In Bangladesh, one cannot move his car out of the garage without a driving license. And to issue a driving license you must make the authority believe in your capabilities of safe driving. In Bangladesh it is must get proper training of manual are for several reasons and they are:

  • Due to the Safety Reasons. Untrained drivers are like blind drivers. Driving without proper training is not only risking your own life but also it means risking someone other’s life as well. For safety issues, in Bangladesh, one cannot drive manual cars without getting proper training.
  • Due to the difficult operation of manual cars. Manual cars are not like automatic cars, they are difficult to get control over. Thus to drive a manual car, one must get proper training under a skilled trainer for some considerable time period.
  • Due To the roads being busy. In Dhaka city, the roads are extremely busy and full of traffic. In such road conditions, driving a manual can be challenging. Moreover, it demands great effort and skills. Thus training is must.
  • Due to the BRTA rules and regulations. Bangladesh government has recently focused on the basic knowledge of traffic rules among the writers and proper implications of them. According to the BRTA rule book, a driver must be trained under authorized trainer to drive on roads.

Manual Car Driving Courses in Car Driving School in Dhaka

Unlike other motor vehicle training courses, manual car driving courses introduce more intense and longer courses. Different training school may work in different ways, but the basic course organization is same.

So, here you go:

Take a Driving Test

This is not basically a course rather one can call it a course determiner. Everyone to learn manual car driving must go through test. So the trainer gets to know the actual portion of trainee and can plan the courses accordingly for him. Before the test if you are a complete newbie the authority may suggest you some pre-test session for less than 30 minutes. This pre-test basically lets you know about the parts of your vehicle.

Beginner level New Driver Course

This course is aimed at the new drivers who know the driving process but are not that much comfortable. This is a beginner level course and some drivers may pass the BRTA driving exam by this training and some may fail. This course is not intense enough and basically works on the basics. This course includes:

  • Basic theoretical knowledge of driving rules.
  • Theoretical knowledge of traffic rules.
  • Safe driving.
  • And all basic practical training.

Advanced Level Driver Course

This course is for drivers who have passed the beginner level course and are capable of driving. The drivers in this course get training on more detailed procedures of driving. Defensive driving is introduced to them. With this training, the trainee has the maximum chance to pass the BRTA driving license exam. Moreover, in this course the instructors focus on driving simulators to give you a real feel of roads and vehicles.

Experienced Drover Courses

This course is designed for drivers who are good at driving and have quite accurate knowledge. This course is the process of being pro in manual car driving in Bangladesh. This process ultimately revises the initial courses. And makes the driver capable of running their cars through the most difficult roads with ease and safety.