Bike Driving School in Dhaka

All You Need to Know About bike driving school in Dhaka

In Bangladesh where public transport is in the most depressive condition ever, motorbikes are the real escape to treat your journey a better way. Motorbikes wheel through our landscape from ancient times. Every single other house hash at least one member here in Bangladesh who drives motorbikes for a daily basis. Where the roads are clogged with traffics, where big transports like cars and public transports become nightmares, motorbike finds its way to glide through the cityscape. Bike riding in Bangladesh needs some sort of approval for motorbike driving. Yet it can be difficult to hit upon a decent bike driving school in Dhaka. Thus we introduce a proper training facility to help you out with all your bike driving queries.

Basic Intro of Motor Cycle Driving School in Dhaka

Though roads of Bangladesh are flooded with motorbikes, the number of quality bike training center is minimal in the capital city. People here in Bangladesh often choose to get practical motorbike training from their ancestors. Even in earlier days people didn’t know of any proper school of bike training. But with the progression of strict BRTA rule, people now are obliged to get a license. Thus they do not have any option than to pick professional training. Now, there some big names regarding motor driving school in Dhaka. Go through the segment below to get basic knowledge on the pioneering motor driving schools in Dhaka:

What makes us the Best in the Market

We believe in your satisfaction first, money comes second for us. Thus we have some great deals to offer you. Check out the following paragraph to explore the deals:

  • We claim to be the best bike learning center in Dhaka with our expert instructors and friendly learning environment.
  • We do not only give our trainees practical knowledge over bikes because your grandparents can also teach you to ride bike. Rather we inject the safety rules into you to ensure your safety.
  • Though we have different slots of training we aim mainly on traffic rules training. Because we believe that knowledge of rules can enhance your bike driving beyond the limits.
  • We offer hostel, ac class rooms, and even job facilities.

Basic Course Organization of Motor Driving Training Institutes

Though there is very few motorĀ bike driving schools in Dhaka most of the institutes proposes some basic slots of courses. Like every other country Bangladesh has an institute BRTA that approves of bikes licenses. Before you go for any bike riding institute you must be eligible for the license. The first prerequisite is the age; under 18 years you cannot get a license. Again, you must go through a 3 stages examination process where you have to have both practical and theoretical knowledge. Once you occupy the eligibility criteria, you must check out what the courses offer and choose the suitable one for you.

Basic Course: Focuses the Newbies

Well, this course is designed for all the new bikers. If you have just bought your bike and don’t know anything about the vehicle, this course is for you. Again, this course can actually enhance your beginner level skills. You cannot expect must from this course apart from some beginner-level driving skill and theoretical knowledge on bike riding.

The target areas basic course focuses on at a glance:

  • Theoretical bike knowledge
  • Driving through straight roads
  • Turning and break related training
  • Speed management
  • Basic traffic rules to pass the BRTA license exam.

Mid-Level Course: Focuses on Beginners

This course is to flourish your knowledge about bikes. This course basically works on your betterment of controls and limited space driving management. To avail this course one must have passed the beginners course. The mid-level course provides:

  • Theoretical class on gear management.
  • Practical training on the range.
  • Training on Speed management.
  • Limited Space Driving

Advanced Level Course: Focuses on pro riders

This course is for skill builders who perform stunts and flaunt bike skills. It solely focuses on reviewing the previous course and one can only pursue this course after having a certain level of competency in bike riding.

  • Proper brake management
  • Cornering skills
  • Road Strategies
  • Dangerous road strategies.


Within the few bike driving school in Dhaka, you can find ours to be one of the most competent ones. We provide the best of the services under-skilled manpower. We believe in your safety.