National Driving License In Bangladesh

Basic Particulars of National Driving License In Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, the Government has implemented laws regarding driving license and according to the law one cannot drive without having a license. The rate of illegal driving has been ferociously increasing days ago and the authority these days have been strict than ever. The government recently has become sincere about the implications of proper traffic laws. Moreover, the authority now focuses the people to know the traffic laws and abide by the rules. With the progression of this awareness, obtaining National Driving License Bangladesh has become more organized.

The Process to Avail Bangladeshi driving license

It is illegal to drive any motor vehicle on the roads without a proper license. As the laws have become stricter, getting BRTA license is quite difficult. The whole process consists of three stages; the written test, viva, and practical test. One has to go through all these stages to obtain a driving license. First of all let’s check out the types of driving license in Bangladesh BRTA issues:

  1. Non-Professional Driving License: This requires the applicant to be at least 18 years old. This license does not allow you to take driving as your profession. You can only drive personal motor vehicles.
  2. Professional Driving License: To obtain a professional driving license you must be 20 years old. And this license permits to work professionally as a driver.

At a glance the process to achieve driving license in Bangladesh:

  • To start the process you have to apply for the learner driving license Bangladesh. You will require some documents stated by the BRTA. Once you successfully apply, you will receive an instructor to get training.
  • The next process comes with the completion of the learners training program. BRTA will ask you to sit for an exam both viva and practical exam. For viva, you may be asked some of the basic traffic rules. And for the practical test, you will have to go for the practical driving test.
  • And if you pass through the tests BRTA will provide you an authorization license until you receive the main driving card.

Smart Driving License Bangladesh

BRTA issues a smart driving license as well for better use. To avail a smart driving license card the candidate has to pay for certain amount of fee and some necessary documents. Both professional and non-professional drivers can apply for a smart driving license. But you must have the driving license card availed bypassing the 3 stage test.

Importance of National Driving License In Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, the condition of public transport is extremely depressing. Thus private transport is the best escape for your day to day life. If you own a motor vehicle and want to drive on your own, you must obtain a driving license. The driving license holds some significance and they are:

  • It is connected to your identifications. Just like passport, smart card, and corporation ID cards, driving license is another document that belongs to your identification.
  • Without a driving license you can get a penalty from any law enforcement unit. Thus a driving license can also keep you safe from any legal issue.